Recruiting services for staff selection

Recruiting services for staff selection:

  • From Bulgaria
  • From third countries


You are an employer and you need more staff, but you are having trouble finding new employees. Contact us. We will help. No financial commitments if there is no approved job candidate.

The company PERSONAL BULGARIA provides recruitment for workers from Bulgaria, but also from third countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines, Turkey, etc. with assistance for obtaining a residence and work permit for up to 3 years, seasonal work permits for 3, 6 and 9 months, seconded employees, Blue Card and Startup Visa.

To date, we have secured hundreds of workers for construction, metalworking plants, agriculture, cleaning companies, hotels, restaurants, industrial plants, textile industry, etc. We can assist both the workers suitable for unskilled labor and highly skilled workers after further clarification for various positions in areas such as: hotel and restaurant industry (cooks-assistant/cooks/waiters/bartenders/masseurs/waiters/kitchen worker/ support worker/porter-piccolo and other positions); agriculture, forestry and fishing; construction and others.

Our company assists in:

  1. Finding, interviewing and selecting potential candidates;
  2. Preparing the necessary documentation to obtain a work permit and visa when necessary;
  3. Legalization of the documents necessary to obtain a Unified Residence Permit,
  4. Submission of all necessary documents for registration at the Migration Department,
  5. We organize the documents for obtaining a work visa at the Bulgarian Embassy in the respective country,
  6. Assistance for the transport to Bulgaria of the workers,
  7. Preparation of workers’ medical insurance.