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Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Naalyan Gendzheva

The company PERSONAL BULGARIA was founded and is managed by Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Naalyan Gendzheva.

Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Naalyan Gendzheva graduated from higher engineering education (Biomedical Equipment) at the Technical University of Dresden (Germany). After further qualification in economic sciences at the same university, she chose to return to Bulgaria and engaged in tourism, mediation (human resources) and consulting activities in the field of financing programs. She defended her doctoral dissertation at the University of St. Kl. Ohridski” in direction 3.8. “Industry Management – Tourism”. She is fluent in Turkish, German, English and Russian, and less fluent in Spanish and Tatar.

The company Personal Bulgaria EOOD was established in 2007. The company deals with consulting, preparation and finalizing of projects under various funding programs with an emphasis on European funding programs, both in the private and public sectors. The company is a leader in the Innovation and Competitiveness program. The company has hundreds of successfully implemented projects in various spheres of trade and industry. Priority for the company are customers with manufacturing and construction companies, but we were also useful to many companies from the service sector.

Another main feature of our consulting activity is SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT and its REPORTING. The new European ESRS sustainability reporting norms have faced companies with another serious challenge. You don’t have to be alone in this obstacle course, we can be your support.

The company is also engaged in RECRUITING SERVICES, both abroad and in Bulgaria, for which purpose it is registered with license No. 2644 dated 26.10.2018, as well as ……

What is our mission?

Do you feel that the world is changing more and more rapidly and radically, and life today is so different from yesterday?

Globalization, digitalization and many other processes have brought with them radical changes in the way of life and work. Today, young people want to travel the world working, and older young people understand that they must not stop developing themself. Labor migration, on the one hand, is an opportunity for workers, but it is also a challenge for employers. A serious challenge.

In recent years, there were no countries, no sectors of the industry that were not affected by the problem of staff shortages. At the same time, workers often come across fraudulent offers, moreover, in foreign countries whose laws and mentalities differ from the familiar ones, and the search for luck becomes a nightmare.

Personal Bulgaria Ltd. was created with the ambition to help with this issue. On the one hand, for those looking for better prospects far from home, and on the other, for Bulgarian employers to find the most suitable employees. Adhering strictly to European legislation and a value system, to develop responsible activity in the field of social services, based on trust and correctness in relations with our employees and partners. All our employees receive a legal employment contract and are provided with social and health insurance. We guarantee the regular payment of the monthly salary to our employees. After the signing of the employment contract, we remain available and assist, if necessary, all employees sent by us abroad. It is important to us that all our partners and customers feel safe and we protect their rights.

Another main pillar in our support for the development of companies is in terms of financing programs. Personnel Bulgaria supports entrepreneurs in Bulgaria by providing information and “know-how” on applying for euro subsidies. The concept of the company is to help in making decisions and give practical advice for the realization of investment projects.

Want to start a project with us?

Got an idea but need some brainstorming to crystallize it… or funding and launch? We can help.